Best vashikaran tips for control anyone

Photo vashikaran tips

Photo vashikaran is the hypnotism spell for them who have image of their partner or enemy. Simply you can do it with without any knowledge but if you do any mistake it will no effective more or it will take too longer time in work. But if you wants to quick effect, you should take help of any vashikaran specialist. Here I am going to tell you how to do vashiaran with photo. Simple work with photo which is very easy for anyone. Try it.

How to do vashikaran with photo

If you have your partner's photo or you can try to get it. Keep photo at the table at midnight (12 o'clock). Butn Red candle at the head of the photo, and two green candles in footer area. Now keep a lemon, cut it at the midle and keep beside of the photo. now take other lemon and round it 21 times on the photo and threw it on the cross road (choraha). Take a Red cloth and keep the photo in it safe place where no one can see it. Repeat these activity 7 days. After 7 days, change the direction of the photo and repeat all activities again. You will starts to get result now.

As I describe above procedure, You can see it will finish in 7+7+7+7=28 days (7days with 4 directions). It is simple vashikaran but if you want quick result in two three days, you should try other vashikaran therepy but that are too hard for you. You have to take help of real vashikaran specialist who could do all procedure for you honestly.

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