100% Working Totke for Love

To rekindle the love between you and her/him, take one banana and mix it well with Gorochan. Employ this prepared paste . Doing this totka helps to boost the captivating power. You spouse will do enjoy a whole lot to you. Add some honey and mix it well. Apply this paste on your own forehead in the form of Tilak. You must apply this Tilak on daily basis. Will never let go out of your life. If your husband is not taking interest in you then you must try this totka. When you taking meals, on that time require some food from your plate and set into the plate of your husband without his knowing. It works magically and create a great deal of love between the two of you. Apart from it, you might try this one. On Friday or Thursday, cut hair from husband’s choti about the midnight. And you have to keep them at a place so he would be unable to watch them. After a few days (4-5 times ) throw these hair out of your house. At any time you believe he isn’t following you, you might try this totka. During Navratra, go Lord Shiva temple and function panchmrit to Shivling. Next, clean whole temple. Then, worship lord Shiva as per rules. On precisely the same day at 10 pm, light up fire and chant this mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAY and extend in passion 108 times.
Totke For Love And Vashikaran