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काम करूंगा एक बार याद करोगे बार बार


Welcome to Astrology World

Astrology world is a magical world. In this world, you may know about your future and past activities. It fully calculation of solar planets. In Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna said about Karmayoga. He defined that every people get result of their works according their opportunity. Lord Krishna define life in Karma and Karmphala. Karmphala is the result of his Karma. Astrology fully depends on it. Here we read about astrology, its result, its procedure and its importance in life.

What is astrology and how astrology works?

At first, I want to kill your confusion about astrology. Everyone thinks that astrology a miracle that shows future of any person. But it is not any magic or miracle. It is not any supernatural power. Neither it is any power nor any magic. Infect, Astrology is a part of our science. Science accepts about gravity and its power. Everyone know about earth’s gravity. Like it, Every things in this world and space, has its own gravity. Both me and you have gravity. Ha Ha ha, You surely think how it is possible, but it is true friends.

I am sure you are thinking that if I have gravity force, why I am not feeling? I am going to define your this confusion. Yes it is true that you and me have gravity power but we can’t feel it because earth’s gravity is more powerful than our gravity. Our gravity is almost zero in front of the Earth’s gravity. So we can’t feel it.

So friends, I define that everything in this space has their own gravity. Sun, Moon and other planets of our solar system have their own gravity like the Earth’s gravity. It make in impact of all the people’s life. You may See ‘Jwar-Bhata’ in the sea. It is impacted with moon’s gravity, earth’s gravity and sun’s gravity. Like it, You have seen that the water of the sea on the beach is increase and decrease every day’s of the months, It is also an example of gravity impact. 

So it is proved that gravity of solar planets impact our lives our bodies activities and our mental activities. Although some time we can feel it otherwise we neglect it if that is not necessary. But it is true that planets situation and its position impact fully of our daily routine and activities. We calculate the position of all planets on our solar system and measured all situation so that we can fully understand what is going on and why it is going on. Can we stop it? no, no way. No one can change the position of the planets because it is God’s system and no on is so much powerful like God. So what should we do if we know about the worst situation, May we change it? yes absolutely. 

I think you are confused again. I am telling both no and yes. Ok. I will explain everything why I telling no and yes. At first I tell you no when I am talking about planet’s position, Position and situation are different things. No one can change planets position it is true but we can change situation of our life it is yes. If we read everything about planets and measure correctly about their position, we can avoid bad situation of our life if we live careful that time. Ok.

How astrology is helpful in our life?

Many time we faces the worst time of our life. Everyone try to solve their problems with his mind and experience. But some time all goes in vain. There is a proverb in Hindi “Samay Bada Balwan” and it is true that time is big powerful. Some time everyone leave alone us, our mind, our experience, our relatives, our friends and our life partner also. It is said that our shadow also leave our accompaniment in darkness of our life. In this situation, any person goes in shelter of the God. His faith in religion increases. He will be more religious. So he come to know about astrology world.  

Vashikaran Specialist

Vashikaran is a specific part of Astrology. It is a method to control any person with powerful Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. It contains Hawan, Puja and Sadhana in Hindu religion and Dua, Ilm and Tabiz etc. in Muslim Religion. Any person can use it in various purpose but keep guidance of any super vashikaran specialist so that you will safe from its evil effects if anything go wrong. It is not dangerous but it can increase problems much than this time. So read carefully the guidance or get help of any vashikaran specialist near about you.

Love Marriage Specialist

Astrology is very beneficial in Marriage prediction. In India, Every parents matches Janm-Kundali both of bride and bridegroom. Match making is famous in all over India. It can solve any marriage problem solution although it is love marriage or arrange marriage. Astrology defines the life of marriage partners after marriage. It shows how much their married life will go happily or not. It also tells about children and their happiness. Bad match making will go on divorce situation and both boy and girl will live unhappy life.

Black Magic Specialist

Black magic is the term of Astrology in dangerous form. It is really very hard and fearful. No one can see and hear its procedure. It is very famous in India. It is also called as Kala jadu, Tona-totka and Kiya karaya. Truly It contains evil powers that are slave of black magic specialist. It is very famous in the world. African voodoo spells is also terms of this. Some countries knows it as witchcraft spells, wiccan spells and love spells. Muthkaran is the famous example of it that is so dangerous that can kill any person easily. Don’t try it without guidance.

Love problem Solution

Astrologer can solve any love problems by vashikaran, black magic and match making. He can cast a spell that is known as love spells in the world. If you love someone truly and can’t live without you love partner, you should use it in powerful way. love astrologer suggest you how to attract your partners mind to you and convince him to obey your orders. If love spells cast successfully once, You partner accept your masterness. He always listen you carefully and always try to make you happy. He will never disappoint you and always become your slave.

Husband wife Problem Solution

Husband wife disputes are common in these generation. It is very worst for both of them and their children. Many time it goes on divorce that is really very hard time to any married couple. You may stop this situation by astrology. Astrology can read your mind, situation and timing. It will help you in solving various husband wife problems like disputes, divorce, children and other family problems. If you want to live a happy married life without any family issue. You should try once astrological remedies for solve your life problems.

Witchcraft spells

Witchcraft is very famous in USA, Canada and Europe countries. It is a term of astrology that contain some spells that should be cast in proper ways. Love spell is also its part that is very beneficial in love relationship. A perfect witchcraft spell caster can solve your any life problem without harming you. You may stop your love breakup or improve your love relationship with it. It is also known as wiccan spells and voodoo spells. It gives true and magically result in mean time. If you want to learn more about witchcraft love spell, you will read our full article.

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