Vashikaran ke achook upay

Vashikaran is just one of the greatest Indian vedic treatments for many life problem remedy. In English it’s known as a Hypnotism. Initially I’m going to inform you about vashikaran. A lot of men and women fear about doing it. Everybody want to rescue himself. We’ll discuss it Now.

Vashikaran meaning

In the beginning, I announce To take out the problem, that vashikaran isn’t Sanskrit word. Since I’ve seen on several sites are telling it is taken from Sanskrit language. So friends, I will clear it isn’t sanskrit word, it’s taken from Hindi language in which it’s combined with just two phrases’vashibhut’ and’karan’. This’Karan’ signifies’Kriya’ that’s verb and’Vashi’ is obtained out of’Vashibhut’. It’s this word’s Treaty rest. You’re able to say’vashibhut karne ki kriya’.

It’s theory

In vedic astrology, It consider there are a number of limit of each things of character. It might be bound by special Mantra. It is also believed by science. In accordance with science, ” There are several vanished electricity that control character’s things. Every items are bounded using its own law. We may saya supernatural power controllers each things of this character. So we must understand what is that electricity and what exactly are that legislation. Back in India, Rishi-Muni study on adhyatma (spirituality) they strove to understand about it and discovered that certain Mantra could control the powers which is vashikaran expert .

It’s methods

There are numerous techniques to perform vashikaran on desirable individual. I’m telling you a most well-known methods here. These approaches can perform their best if completed it in appropriate proposal. All these are under:-

  1. Hair vashikaran :- There are some black magic hair remedies that can help you. You need to collect some hairs and put it in a red cloth. Now chant Hair Mantra that will be provide you. Some days after you will see effects.
  2. Cloth vashikaran :- Some remedies available with cloth. If you have cloth of the person, you can use this remedies. It is also a black magic tool. For more detail call our specialist.
  3. Name vashikaran :- we collected some mantras that uses name of the person. You may use specific name in these mantra and can get best result.
  4. Photo vashikaran : if you have a photo of the person, this remedy is useful in this situation. You may get it from our specialist. Call for free help.
  5. Laung vashikaran :- this is Hindi remedies. I will discuss about it in my next articles.
  6. Namak Vashikaran :- this is salt mantra remedies. You may get perfect result with salt mantra. For more detail call our specialist.
  7. Food vashikaran :- You may mix a powder in food and serve it to the person. You may get this powder from our specialist.
  8. Water vashikaran :- You may mix a powder in water and serve it to the person. You may get this powder from our specialist.
  9. Footprint vashikaran :- collect the soil of the footprint and use our footprint mantra to control that person. For more detail call our specialist.
  10. Eye vashikaran :- this is scientific remedies. Mostly Science uses it.

I will explain all these methods in my other articles. For more detail contact our expert to know how to do these approaches correctly. You may make use of these remedies in your own lover, boyfriend, boyfriend, sister-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law husband, wife, family , boss, employee, secretory and that which you want to control.


Though I’ve clarified some simple usable remedies within my posts but some are distinct in usage. Since every treatments aren’t working on each circumstance. For this reason, you have to take assistance of our expert. Our expert see the problem of your difficulty and will indicate you appropriate remedies which works.